Noreen had no idea what to expect when she was sent to live with her Gran in Ireland. Little did she know, an adventure was waiting for her, an adventure with wings and a mermaid tail. The Famine on the Fae-side was causing a great imbalance, and someone had to find a solution. If only giants, botrolls, and a hungry ogress weren't an obstacle, Noreen might be home by dinner time.

Song of a Wingfin is released as an Amazon exclusive. BUT, if you like to read on your phone, you can always download the Kindle App for iPhone or Android. Thank you so much for your support!

It's stunningly written. Kids are going to love it! I honestly lost myself in this book.

Caitriona B. - Beta Reader & Book Enthusiast 


It's clear that Annette carries her musical talent into writing. This means you're in for a wonderful performance you won't forget.

Lloyd L. - Librarian Granville Public Library - Comic Guru

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